We Airdropped Neptunite NFTs to Our Testnet Winners

Hey Neptunites, we are here with some exciting news!

It’s been a while since we announced the winners for the Fuji Testnet Gleam contest. We’re thrilled to announce that the NFT rewards have been distributed on September 14, 2023. In fact, we offered even more rewards than we had previously announced. Read this article till the end to understand everything we offered the testnet winners.

Recalling the Testnet Contest

First, let’s understand the contest and how it went.

Neptune Mutual announced the gamified testnet to be launched on the Avalanche Fuji network from October 8, 2022, to October 29, 2022. Lots of users interacted with the testnet by participating in purchasing cover policies, providing liquidity, reporting incidents, reporting bugs, and accessing other marketplace features.

As decided, we selected 102 winners from the total number of participants. Priority was given to users who found issues in the application and submitted bugs.

The list of winners has already been published in the last testnet winner announcement post. But here it is once again to look back on.

Neptune Mutual Testnet Winners List

We express our gratitude and congratulations once again to all the Neptunite winners.

The Rewards

We have successfully granted all of you your well-earned rewards. For the holders of ranks 1 and 2, who gave a lot of their time to test our product and inform us of the issues, there were more rewards for them. Kudos to all our testnet winners!

Note that for those who actively participate in sharing the news on Twitter (X) and tag the Neptune Mutual account and use the hashtag #NeptuniteNFTs, we are watching and will be taken into consideration for the next NFT airdrop! So this is your chance to increase your collection! The more times you post, the better your chances!

Anyway, let’s see the rewards and the winners who were eligible to claim them.

Tradable NFTs

All 102 testnet winners were airdropped a tradable NFT each from the Neptune Mutual NFT collection on the BNB Smart Chain. To be specific, the airdrops were “Diabolic Grim Wyvern” , an evolved version of the Grim Wyvern.

These are tradable, so they can be traded in NFT marketplaces like Element. These exclusive characters are only available through the airdrops, and there are no other ways to receive them. This scarcity enhances the rarity of these NFTs. You can view the entire collection and your airdropped NFT here.

Soulbound NFTs

The first and second rank holders from the testnet leaderboard each received Grim Wyvern, a Soulbound NFT from the Neptune Mutual NFT collection. They are non-tradable; they’ll remain in your wallet forever, and they’re the starting point for progressing through the levels in the Neptunite Minting system. If you’ve received a Soulbound NFT, you can now mint other NFTs from the Neptune Mutual NFT portal.

Token Rewards

We also granted $50 in USDC to our first and $25 to second rank winner and an extra 100 NPM to the first, in addition to the Soulbound and tradable NFTs.

Note: NPM token rewards for testnet winners are still currently in their vesting period. Those rewards will be distributed as previously announced here.

After the Airdrop, What Do I Do?

Add the NFT to your Wallet

The first thing you should do after the airdrop is view the NFT in your wallet. MetaMask automatically displays any NFTs that you have on the Ethereum mainnet. It also supports other networks, but you should add them manually.

As you might already know, our airdropped NFTs will be on the BNB Smart Chain network. So, let’s see the steps for adding the NFTs to your MetaMask wallet.

First, open your MetaMask browser extension. Then, scroll below and click on the ‘Import Tokens’ section, and enter the required details, i.e., ‘Token Contract Address’ and ‘Token ID’.

You’ll find these details on the NFT marketplace, where the NFTs are airdropped. All you have to do is connect your MetaMask wallet and find the details on your profile.

Now, copy the details to your wallet’s ‘Import Tokens’ section and click on the ‘Import’ button. After these steps, you should be able to view the token in your MetaMask wallet.

For more detail, you can check out this MetaMask support article.

If your airdropped NFT shows a “suspicious” tag after adding it to your wallet, follow these two simple steps to remove it:

  1. Go to “Portfolio”, click on more and select the tab for “Suspicious NFTs”.

  2. Hover over the Neptune Mutual NFT and check “Mark as not suspicious”.

Share Your NFTs on Twitter (X)

We hope you enjoyed your rewards! Please show some love on social media. Make your NFT your PFP and post your NFT on Twitter (X) with the message:

“Just minted my #NeptuniteNFTs from @neptunemutual!”
“I’m #TeamBeasts” - “I’m #TeamNeptune” - “I’m #TeamGuardians

You can add more to the message with your own words and creativity. Remember, the battle is still on! So choose your team carefully.

Not only will you showcase your amazing NFTs to your circle, but you’ll also have high chances of winning rewards in our next airdrop. Yes! We’ll acknowledge your tweets shared with the message mentioned above. The more you tweet, the more you are eligible for our upcoming airdrops.

In addition, we will give special consideration to users with Neptunite NFTs as their profile picture in the next airdrops. So, make your Neptunite NFT your PFP and let us know!