Monthly Review (September - 2023)


  • NFT airdrop reward for testnet winners
  • Results of Neptunite Content Creator Program
  • Element Marketplace profile for Neptunite NFTs
  • Neptune Mutual validated on the Magic Square Store
  • August monthly town hall in Discord
  • New “Providing Liquidity” video tutorial on YouTube

Neptune Mutual Protocol Update

Let’s start with some good news: Neptune Mutual is now validated on Magic Square, the largest Web3 store for NFTs, games, and dApps. This increases our visibility, as users can discover us through the store. Validation requires that the app has met certain quality and security standards.

There are some updates on our Marketplace page; we added a new section “Get NPM” to make it easy for users to purchase our native NPM tokens. You can now directly access the NPM token pools in Uniswap and SushiSwap from our Marketplace.

Besides that, the technical team has been focusing on an audit for the liquidity gauge feature. We have contracted with the audit company Hacken to audit the smart contracts for the liquidity gauge project.

Neptune Mutual Events

At the start of this month, we organized our regular monthly town hall and AMA session on our Discord channel to share updates from the past month. The main points of focus for the event were the success of the Content Creator Program, NPM token whitelisting, updates on liquidity gauge features, and our approach to the Curve Finance incident payout. We have uploaded a recorded version of the event as a video, so visit our YouTube channel if you missed it.

We successfully airdropped NFTs to our testnet winners on September 14. All 102 winners were awarded tradable NFTs. Moreover, we also granted soulbound NFTs and USDC rewards to rank 1 and 2 holders.

Recent Neptunite News

We recently concluded the Neptunite Content Creation Program, a reward program to incentivize creators in our community. The program encouraged blog writers, video creators, and live streamers to create content related to the Neptune Mutual ecosystem and share the content with their audience. We got a handful of amazing content submissions, and the creators were distributed with appropriate rewards. Search with the hashtag #NeptuniteProgram on X (Twitter) to view the content from these amazing creators.

We have created a profile in Element for displaying the Neptunite NFTs. Element is a popular NFT marketplace that supports BNB Smart Chain (BSC), so Neptunite NFT owners can use the platform for displaying and trading their tokens. The platform provides the best liquidity, low transaction costs, efficient trading functions, and has a multi-chain layout to aggregate NFTs from popular chains. Thus, we chose Element for showcasing our NFTs.

You can view all the minted Neptunite NFTs on our Element profile by searching “Neptune Legends”.

You might also want to visit our NFT portal to view all the Neptunite NFTs. A lot of amazing artworks are yet to be minted, so hurry up and get ownership of the NFTs you like by interacting with our marketplace. We have detailed guides for you to learn about Neptune Mutual NFTs in detail and how to get started with minting those NFTs.

The third video in the Neptune Mutual tutorial series is out with the title “Providing Liquidity in the Neptune Mutual dApp”. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of adding liquidity to our cover pools. There are more informative videos on our YouTube channel that you might want to check out.

Neptune Mutual Blog Digest

This month, we published a handful of blog articles related to the recent announcements and developments in DeFi. It includes the launch of several protocols, like Appchain by Startnet, Arbitrum’s Stylus, UniswapX, and many more. We have also published a few spotlight articles related to Neptune Mutual and a security-related post about the recent Sim Swap Attack, which victimized Vitalik Buterin himself.


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Spotlight Tuesday Articles

Spotlight: Neptune Mutual Content Creator Program

Spotlight: Neptune Mutual’s NFT Portal


Sim Swap Attacks and Account Compromise

Beside these publications, our security team has also posted seven different exploit analysis reports, including those on Balancer, Wormhole, CoinEx, Stake, etc.