Monthly Review (October - 2023)


  • Security audit of liquidity gauge pool feature
  • Participation in X Spaces of DeFi projects
  • September monthly town hall in Discord
  • New YouTube Short in our YouTube Channel

Neptune Mutual Protocol Update

We have been working with Hacken, a blockchain security audit company, to audit the liquidity gauge pool feature of our protocol. After some weeks of a thorough audit, the auditor reported back to us with some findings… The auditor found no critical issues, however, and provided some informational notes. Our team has already fixed several of the issues and has been working on others.

Neptune Mutual’s SushiSwap v2 pool on Arbitrum hit a DEXTscore of 96/99. The NPM token supply is now showing up in Neptune Mutual’s CoinMarketCap profile.

We have implemented some minor changes and additions to our approaches to make our blogs and social media posts more engaging. For our blog posts, we have started incorporating multimedia elements, including images, infographics, tweets, and videos, to enhance the reader experience. Similarly, we have integrated interactive polls and created engaging posts to encourage comments from users on X (formerly Twitter).

Neptune Mutual Events

We published a new short on our YouTube channel going over the hacks that occurred in the month of September. The short explained that projects need more than just audits to protect their community and emphasized the importance of covering assets.

At the start of October, we organized our regular monthly town hall and AMA session on our Discord channel to share updates from the past month. The main points of focus for the event were NFT airdrops to testnet winners, the Neptunite content creation program, the Element marketplace for Neptune Mutual NFTs, and validation of Neptune Mutual in Magic Square. We have uploaded a recorded version of the event as a video, so visit our YouTube channel if you missed it.

Recent Neptunite News

Edward Ryall, one of our co-founders, was invited to different X Spaces events this month. He participated in X Spaces organized by InsurAce, where he emphasized the significance of safeguarding on-chain digital assets and highlighted the crucial role of DeFi insurance in minimizing risks. He was also a speaker at DuckDAO’s X Spaces event, where he discussed the importance of crypto insurance and security measures aimed at protecting digital assets.

In another X Spaces from The Rollup, Edward shared his views on the evolution of the DeFi ecosystem and emphasized the necessity of adopting insurance as a common practice. The Rollup also shared a snippet of his speaking session on a tweet.

Neptune Mutual Blog Digest

This month’s blog articles were mainly related to the integration of Web2 companies with the Web3 ecosystem and the mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies and Web3. For spotlight articles, we published Neptune Mutual’s multiversion marketplace, the four pillars of the Neptunite ecosystem, along with the partnership of Microsoft and Aptos.


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Spotlight Tuesday Articles

Spotlight: Aptos and Microsoft AI Partnership

Spotlight: Neptune Mutual Multiversion Marketplace

Spotlight: Four Pillars of the Neptunite Ecosystem

Moreover, nine different exploit analysis reports were published in the month of October.


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