Monthly Review (July -2023)


  • NFT Portal Launch.
  • Edward attended EthCC Paris.
  • NFT press release in Cointelegraph.
  • Announced Neptunite Content Creator Program.
  • Interview with DataDash.

Protocol Update

We were thrilled to announce the successful launch of our NFT portal on July 7. It’s a major milestone for our platform, with which we can reward our loyal marketplace users and community members with NFTs. To elaborate, cover purchasers and liquidity providers can now mint NFTs and create a unique collection of digital art in their portfolios. You can learn more about the minting system and eligibility for minting the collection in this blog post.


Neptune Mutual’s co-founder, Edward Ryall, attended EthCC 2023 in Paris, France, which took place from July 17 to July 21. He spent time networking with DeFi projects, learning about the changes and developments in the industry, and promoting our DeFi cover marketplace. We have created a blog on the most innovative announcements from EthCC 2023.

Edward was interviewed by Nicholas Merten, the DataDash YouTuber, where he emphasized the importance of security in the DeFi space and most particularly the need for projects and users to mitigate these risks. He explained how Neptune Mutual’s cover marketplace provides parametric cover that provides fast and reliable payouts in the event of an incident, and how the marketplace has been designed to scale as DeFi Insurance adoption grows. You can watch the full interview with DataDash here.

Recent News

Following the launch of the NFT portal, we published a press release in Cointelegraph, one of the leading blockchain news portals. This will help our NFT loyalty reward program reach a wider audience, and our protocol will gain additional traction.

We have announced the content creator program, a reward initiative running from July 13 to August 12. Through this program, we’re encouraging talented content creators with expertise in blockchain, DeFi security, and Web3 to participate. The best content, blogs, and videos will be selected and published across our social media, and the creators will be rewarded from $50 to $2500. You can get more information about the program and registration details from here.

We have planned and started publishing the Neptune Mutual tutorial video series on our YouTube channel, aiming to help users navigate and use our marketplace easily. The first tutorial on navigating the Neptune Mutual dApp is already published, and we’ll continue publishing similar helpful videos in the tutorial series over time.

Blog Digest

Throughout this month, we’ve been actively publishing blog posts about the Neptune Mutual Ecosystem and the lore supporting our NFT characters and their story build-ups.

Besides, we also published some informative articles on various aspects of the blockchain and DeFi space like Curve Wars and DeFi wallets.

Here’s a detailed look at the articles published this month.


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Spotlight Tuesday Articles

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In addition, our security team has been consistent in analyzing exploits and publishing reports regularly. This month, we have published 11 different exploit reports on different protocols.


We are currently recruiting for the positions of Community Manager and Project Manager. Please apply if you believe you’re a good fit for any of these positions. Or share these opportunities with your colleagues who might be interested.