The Neptunite Content Creation Program

Get ready to create!

Neptune Mutual is excited to announce a program full of opportunities for talented content creators to contribute to our growing ecosystem. We invite creatives, writers and video creators with expertise in Blockchain, DeFi, DeFi Security, and Neptune Mutual protocol features to join our community by creating original and informative content.

We are looking for content creators who can contribute meaningful and engaging content on a range of topics pertaining to our ecosystem. Content can be in the form of videos and livestreams to be posted on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, LinkedIn, Instagram and Threads, and Blog articles to be published and shared across socials.

The program will run from the 13th of July till 12th of August.

Requirements and Rewards

Content Specifics:
Each piece of content should be unique and not replicate any existing content online or from Neptune Mutual.

Priority will be given to well-researched pieces about the Neptunite Marketplace, Neptune Mutual NFTs, tutorials about the Neptunite Ecosystem functions and features, awareness about DeFi insurance while highlighting the role of Neptune Mutual in it and in DeFi in general.

Creators are free to focus on any features or informational pieces for the content. Irrespective of the media channel used, there should be at least one do-follow link to each of the following: Neptune Mutual marketplace, YouTube channel, NFT Portal and Twitter account.

Approval Process:
The creator needs to share the channel links to where it will be posted and needs to be approved by the Neptunite team first. Only pre approved published content on approved channels/accounts will be eligible to receive rewards.

ALL topics/ideas should be approved before live streaming. After publishing, the team will assess the reach of the content to determine the range of the prize. AKA, work your following and algorithm, but no matter your numbers, all Neptunites are encouraged to participate and earn rewards!

Criteria: Approval will be based on the relevance of the content with the Neptunite Ecosystem, followers/subscribers count, viewer engagement, and overall writing/production quality. All approved and published content will be eligible for at least a minimum reward.

Quality: The quality of content will be judged based on relevance, clarity, originality, and grammar.

Rewards: For writers, rewards range from $50 to $300 in stablecoins per published content on blogs and Twitter threads.

For video creators, rewards range from $50 to $2500 in stablecoins per published video.
All content needs to be approved by the official team before publishing. High-quality content is required for higher rewards.

Authorship: After approval, the content will be published on the creator’s channel and it must be distributed across multiple channels. The approved published content can be featured in the Neptune Mutual official channels. E.g: blogs can be featured as guest blogs on our website, threads can be quoted/retweeted, videos posted on our channels, etc.

Content Length:

  • Blog articles: The content length should be between 700-2000 words. Content should be the author’s own content and not plagiarised. It will be checked.

  • YouTube Videos: Youtube shorts need to be less than 60 seconds and full videos need to be a minimum length of 2 minutes.

  • Live Streams: The minimum length should be 15 minutes on platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn and Tiktok. Needs to be reposted and featured on different channels.

Exceptions can be made if the content exceeds the minimum-maximum limit but maintains the quality.

Please note that our decision in respect of approvals and rewards for creators is final and we will make the selection at our sole discretion. We also retain the right to modify the terms of this program at any time.

Language: Content should be produced in proper English. Exceptions can be made for regional-based creators based on the content ideas.

We are excited to partner with content creators who share our commitment to the Neptune Mutual community and shaping the industry into a safer space for all.
We look forward to seeing your creativity in action as we continue to grow and evolve together.


For those interested in participating, please fill out the registration form and provide the necessary details. Our team will review all applications and reach out to successful applicants to discuss the next steps. We are excited to see your creative talents and potentially welcome you into our dynamic Neptune Mutual content community!