Weekly Report (Jul-10)


  • Ubisoft is set to make its first foray into Web3 gaming.
  • Wimbledon and Andy Murray collaborate on an NFT project.
  • Eyeball Games partnered with Immutable to launch Eyeball Pool.
  • BMW Motorrad unveiled the MetaRide Virtual Reality experience.

Blockchain Hacks

Mike Wazowski Monsters Inc. $MIKE and Sid Ice Age $SID were rugged via a backdoor function. The exploiter used an infinite mint of these tokens to bag a total profit of 87.9 ETH, amounting to approximately $171,000.

Bamboo AI experienced an exploit on the Binance Smart Chain, leading to a loss of around 216 BNB, equating to about $53,000. The vulnerability stemmed from a public burn issue that facilitated the manipulation of the token’s price. The attacker used multiple flash loans and swapped them for Bamboo tokens to manipulate the token price, following which its value dropped by over 99%.

Bao Finance suffered from a price manipulation attack caused by a flash loan, resulting in a loss of funds worth 23.51 ETH, totaling approximately $46,000. The attacker took a flash loan of $35 million worth of assets and used them to drain the token pool, causing a rise in the price of the token. The exploiter prepared their attack contract roughly 70 days ago and likely used it to stake the underlying token to execute the attack.

The Twitter account of Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of the cross-chain interoperability protocol LayerZero, was compromised. The scammers posted links to a fake airdrop in order to dupe users and were able to steal funds and a few NFTs totaling roughly $1,087.

The locked-up assets on the Multichain MPC address were abnormally moved out, resulting in a loss of funds worth approximately $126 million. The root cause of the exploit is likely to be the compromise of the private keys. This exploit is particularly affecting assets on Fantom, Moonriver, and Dogechain chains. The stolen assets on these chains include $20 million worth of assets in DAI, LINK, and USDT; 1,023.8 WBTC, worth approximately $30.9 million; 7,124 WETH, worth about $13.6 million; and 57 million USDC on Fantom; $6.8 million in WBTC, USDT, USDC, and DAI on Moonriver; and $600,000 in USDC on Dogechain. We have highlighted a detailed analysis of the exploit on this blog.

The Twitter account of the NFT project, Gutter Cat Gang, fell prey to a security breach, leading to the distribution of fraudulent tweets by the infiltrators. The hack, speculated to be a SIM swap attack, led to the loss of NFTs valued at over $1 million. The scammers exploited the compromised accounts to circulate deceptive links, consequently draining the hot wallets of the affected users. Two individuals suffered substantial losses; one lost a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT worth $65,913, and the other parted with NFTs from various blue-chip collections amounting to $700,000.

An old contract belonging to Civilization was exploited, resulting in a loss of approximately $179,000. The exploiter used approvals on the vulnerable contract to manipulate a callback function, sending funds directly to the Uniswap pools for sell orders. The exploited funds, totaling approximately 96.7 ETH, were sent to an address controlled by the attacker and then laundered to Tornado Cash.

Metaverse, and NFTs

Wimbledon and the legendary tennis champion Andy Murray partnered with Refik Anadol to introduce an official Wimbledon-themed NFT on the Ethereum Mainnet. The project, dubbed The Exposition, encapsulates 18 years of Murray’s Wimbledon journey, highlighting his dual Grand Slam triumphs in 2013 and 2016 and utilizing special motion-capture sessions. The NFT, available through manifold.xyz, coincides with Murray’s second-round appearance at Wimbledon 2023 and can be purchased until July 16. This unique digital asset, priced at $147 and developed in partnership with FAN3, translates Murray’s every motion, stroke, and scored point during his nearly two-decade career at Wimbledon into visual form. Those who own The Exposition NFT will gain access to future privileges, including the chance to buy a physical rendition of the NFT made by Avant Arte, thus merging the realms of tangible and digital art.

The pool gaming sector is gearing up for a transformative entry, as Eyeball Pool is promising a groundbreaking and engaging experience for players across the globe. This eagerly-awaited pool game, co-developed by Polygon and industry veterans hailing from Miniclip, is slated for a Q1 2024 debut on the advanced Immutable zkEVM scaling network. With its launch, Eyeball Pool seeks to revolutionize the pool gaming scene through its integration of Web3 technology. The game is set to amplify player engagement by introducing distinct pool cues and potential in-game tokens. With blockchain technology and in-game tokens at its core, Eyeball Pool ushers in a new era of player ownership, trading opportunities, and rewards for player participation.

BMW Motorrad has unveiled MetaRide, a unique digital platform that offers motorcycle aficionados a chance to engage in a captivating virtual reality experience. On this platform, users, represented as avatars, can virtually ride and explore the BMW CE 02, an electric bike crafted for urban landscapes. More than a VR experience, MetaRide serves as a digital hub for BMW Motorrad enthusiasts to congregate, offering a digital milieu that closely mirrors the real world. Access to MetaRide is available via the BMW Motorrad website, the brand’s social media channels, or directly through the Spatial Metaverse platform. Besides, it provides an array of interactive activities, like playing virtual basketball, accumulating tokens, and even obtaining fashionable jackets for their avatars.

Ubisoft has ventured into the realm of Web3 gaming, marking its grand return to the blockchain domain with the release of Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles on the Oasys blockchain. This step is indicative of a major pivot in Ubisoft’s engagement with blockchain technology. The debut trailer for the game offers players a mysterious peek into the game’s universe. It features an enchanted tome, mystical symbols, and captivating artifacts, stirring a sense of exhilaration and anticipation. Ubisoft guarantees players the chance to form a squad of legendary champions and participate in electrifying tactical combat, laying the groundwork for a riveting gameplay experience.

OnChain Insurance Industry News

Neptune Mutual announced the launch of their free-to-mint NFT collections and also hosted a Twitter space session discussing these exclusive digital assets.