Weekly Report (Dec-04)


  • Over $3.89 million was lost in multiple DeFi hacks.
  • BAYC brings their Metaverse band, Kingship, to Roblox.
  • Louis Vuitton unveiled an exclusive and limited-edition NFT.

Blockchain Hacks

Velodrome, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Optimism network, was recently exploited due to the compromise of their front-end platform. Similarly, Aerodrome, the largest DEX on the Base chain and a derivative of the Velodrome protocol, also fell victim to a front-end attack. The exploit has resulted in a total loss of approximately $250,000. In this incident, one attacker managed to siphon off assets worth over $110,000, while another absconded with more than $25,000. The exploit was possible due to a social engineering attack on the domain registrar. The attackers manipulated the registrar to illicitly gain ownership control of the account holding the domain names, thereby circumventing two-factor authentication (2FA) and other security measures. This unauthorized control enabled the attackers to modify the nameservers for the domains, redirecting legitimate traffic from the Velodrome and Aerodrome websites to malicious clones. This strategy effectively deceived users, leading to the substantial financial losses reported.

Approximately six Safe wallets have suffered significant losses, totaling around $1,623,545, due to address poisoning attacks. Investigations reveal that the same attacker is responsible for embezzling over $5 million from approximately 21 victims in the past four months. The victims fell prey to these attacks by unknowingly copying incorrect addresses from compromised transaction histories. As a result, they transferred assets to these wrong addresses, incurring substantial financial losses.

The FCN-TRUST (FCN) token experienced a rug-pull, causing its token value to plummet by over 99%. Reports indicate that the exploiters laundered approximately $500,000 worth of stolen assets through Tornado Cash.

The Carol Protocol, operating on the Base chain, recently fell victim to an exploit stemming from a smart contract vulnerability. This security breach led to a significant loss of funds, exceeding $53,000. The primary cause of this exploit was identified as manipulation of the stake amount. The contract’s design flaw lies in its reliance on Uniswap Pair Balance to determine user balances, a metric that is susceptible to manipulation.

Hounax, a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Hong Kong, was identified as a rugpull. The China Securities Regulatory Commission stated that they had received 18 complaints, involving amounts ranging from 12,000 to a maximum of 10 million yuan, worth approximately $1.43 million.

A moderator on the LayerZero Discord channel issued a warning about a scam proposal vote that included a phishing link in the Stargate Snapshot. Regrettably, this scheme ensnared over 1000 users who, believing they were engaging in a legitimate voting process, staked their STG tokens. This action inadvertently granted the attacker access to their funds, resulting in a total loss of over $43,000.

Metaverse, and NFTs

Kingship, a digital band created by Bored Ape Yacht Club and managed by Universal Music Group, recently unveiled its interactive realm, Kingship Islands, on Roblox. The band is inviting players to engage in this new, no-cost RPG and is also encouraging them to include their children in the experience. Adding to the excitement of this gaming journey are the initial two accessories unveiled: the Mutant Slime Aura and Spaceship. As players explore Kingship Islands, they will embark on an island expedition with access to a selection of music. In the first six weeks following the launch, players have the opportunity to acquire unique avatar emotes, in-game assets, and NFTs that provide extra perks. Among these, the Kingship Key Cards stand out for offering exclusive benefits. Gathering 5,000 of these virtual tokens will unlock access to an exclusive and luxurious floating villa.

Louis Vuitton has reimagined the concept of high-end fashion with the introduction of a novel fashion piece named the Via Tile Trunk. Crafted by the acclaimed artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière, this trunk represents the brand’s ongoing commitment to merging digital elements with high-end luxury. This exclusive fashion item is available only to a select group of 200 Treasure Trunk NFT holders. These privileged owners have the opportunity to purchase this sought-after piece for €6,000 through the official Louis Vuitton website, establishing it as a unique and valuable addition to the luxury fashion realm. Louis Vuitton presents the Via Tile Trunk, which offers a fresh take on the iconic checkerboard design with the classic white and gold Damier pattern, available in both digital and physical versions.

OnChain Insurance Industry News

Neptune Mutual is still running their cashback promotion on the Neptunite Marketplace on Arbitrum. It has received a wide range of support on Social Media.

Bumper Finance announced that the native token of their protocol is now available for trading on Uniswap on the Arbitrum chain.