Open Sourcing Explorer Repository

Should we open source the explorer repository?

Since we have already launched it live, I think we should make it open source too. What do you say?


Maybe we can. The only concern right now is that we have React Application with Styled Components as the build tool, while our other applications are in Next.js and Sass, which results in a little friction to make changes to multiple repositories at once. But we can add Next.js incrementally with a common component library, even after making it open source. So, I support moving forward with making it open source.

Also, making it open source makes it more transparent that the data shown in explorer is not tampered, and real.


I like the idea of this project! Lets go for the future

I don’t see any security risks to make this private.

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Thank you for contributing and welcome to the Neptunite community forums @ankitstorm @gooddess3 @YunoK.

Regardless of what is being used, React or NextJS, we can still open source the explorer repository, provided that:

  • the repository does not and had not (git history) accidentally leaked any secrets or API keys
  • the repository has undergone security review
  • the repository’s dependencies conform to our internal package version policy (which can also be open sourced).
  • an open source license has been chosen.
  • the code is well-documented and easily understandable by other developers who may want to contribute to the project.
  • a clear roadmap and guidelines for contributions have been established to ensure that the project stays on track and that contributions are in line with the project’s goals.
  • the team is prepared to dedicate time and resources to maintain and support the open source project, including reviewing and merging contributions, fixing bugs, and addressing security issues.
  • proper documentation and training have been put in place to ensure that contributors understand the codebase and can contribute effectively.

I agree on this. Open sourcing the repo is good. If there is continuous security check then there is nothing to be afraid of.