Monthly Review (November - 2023)


  • Liquidity Gauge Pool audit report
  • $NPM airdrop to testnet winners
  • Cashback promotion on AAVE policy purchases
  • $NPM/$USDC pool transition from v2 to v3 on SushiSwap Arbitrum
  • 1inch 99.99% utilization on Arbitrum
  • 40% cashback promotion for policies on Arbitrum
  • October monthly town hall in Discord

Neptune Mutual Protocol Update

The Liquidity Gauge Pool feature audit conducted by Hacken is complete. It comprises several contracts responsible for managing NPM emissions for Neptune Mutual cover pool LPs. The audit report is available on our website’s security page.

This month, we introduced a special promotion for November for AAVE users. Users purchasing AAVE V2 and AAVE V3 cover policies will receive 25% cashback on the policy fees with the promo code “CT020623”.

That’s not all; we have more offers for the Arbitrum community. Users purchasing any insurance policy in the Neptune Mutual Marketplace on the Arbitrum network will receive 40% cashback on the policy fees. Just use the promo code “ARBITRUM2023” while purchasing cover policies. The offer is valid until December 15th.

Neptune Mutual Events

At the start of November, we hosted our regular monthly town hall and AMA session on our Discord channel, where we discussed updates from the past month. Co-founder Edward Ryall discussed some key highlights of October, including the Hacken audit and its findings, participation in X Spaces by InsurAce and DuckDAO as a speaker, NPM profile updates on data aggregator sites, and so on.

You can go to our YouTube channel and watch the town hall recording.

Recent Neptunite News

Our team successfully airdropped $NPM tokens to our first testnet winners. We confirmed the successful distribution of the tokens through BSCScan. Join our Discord chat and X channel for updates on our upcoming contests, prizes, and offers.

We announced to our Neptunite community that the $NPM/$USDC v2 pool on SushiSwap Arbitrum was transitioned to the v3 pool. The depth of liquidity across all NPM/USDC pools on Sushiswap and Uniswap is in excess of 1.3M USD, and NPM trading volume has increased substantially over the last month.

The 1inch protocol’s liquidity pool on the Arbitrum network of our marketplace has a utilization ratio of 99.99%. This means that users have bought almost all the cover policies with the total available liquidity. If you are an LP, then it’s the perfect opportunity for you to invest in 1inch cover pool on Arbitrum.

Neptune Mutual Blog Digest

This month, we published a handful of blog articles with the focus on providing in-depth information about the latest developments, updates, and security issues in the Web3 space. Here’s the breakdown of all the blogs published on our blog in the month of November.


Understanding the Ethereum Dencun Upgrade

Unraveling BitVM: Everything You Need to Know

Why Visa Chose Solana for Stablecoin Settlement

Understanding Cross-Chain, Multichain & Omnichain

Spotlight Tuesday Articles

Spotlight: The Applications of AI in Blockchain

Spotlight: A Dive into Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

Spotlight: Cardano and Polkadot Partnership

DeFi Insurance: Managing Risks of Digital Assets


Unraveling the OpenSea Email Phishing Campaign

As usual, our security team researched, analyzed, and unraveled the recent exploits and hacks in the blockchain world. This month, we published at least eight different exploit reports on the Neptune Mutual blog.


If you want to join our team, go to the careers page on our website and see the open positions that might interest you.

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