Monthly Review (May-2023)


  • Launch of $NPM token on Sushi, Arbitrum
  • Listing of $NPM token on Uniswap, Ethereum
  • Launch of Neptune Mutual bridge feature
  • Monthly Town Hall event in Discord

Protocol Update

We have been working with LayerZero and Celer Network to enable their bridge solutions for the NPM token. We then launched our own UI for these solutions to make it easier for Neptunities to compare and select the $NPM bridge solution that works best for their needs.

We announced that Bitkeep wallet users can now use the wallet to complete transactions in our cover marketplace.


Gillian attended a conference organized by Web3 Dev Asia on May 30, 2023. In line with our plans to ramp up marketing to promote our growth and the launch of our veNPM and NFT projects, we plan on attending EthCC from July 17th to 20th. Please get in touch if you’d like to arrange a meetup.

Recent News

We launched the $NPM token on Sushiswap on Arbitrum and listed the $NPM token on Uniswap on Ethereum.

In order to provide some time for cover marketplace users to acquire NPM tokens, we announced a transition period in which users could continue to use the marketplace without holding or staking the required NPM tokens. The last day of the transition period is June 14.

We held the monthly town hall on Discord, where we provided updates on the NPM token launch on Sushiswap on Arbitrum and listings on Uniswap on Ethereum. We also answered questions about the token launch, and discussed two of our growth projects: NFTs and veNPM, and shared some of the ways in which these projects will be supported with marketing initiatives. We took the opportunity to explain how the veNPM token and liquidity gauge mechanisms will work and how the NPM emission rewards system is aligned with the goals of increasing capacity through driving growth in TVL.

We have published the Discord Town Hall recording and the NPM Token Utility video on YouTube.

Users interested in getting a first glance of the veNPM and liquidity gauge UI can do so by navigating to the Neptune Mutual testnet.

Blog Digest

We responded to the most frequently asked questions about the token launch on Sushi with a blog entitled ““Wen we moon?” - The road ahead”.

In May, we published a whole number of blogs and Spotlight Tuesday articles covering the following topics:


Social Engineering and How to Protect Against It

Neptune Mutual

A Guide to Providing Liquidity

POD Staking: Introduction and Getting Started

What Are Bond Pools? Working & Benefits Explained

Cover Product Spotlight Tuesday




Compound Finance

In addition, our security team continues to analyze and publish details of recent exploits. This month, the team provided details on no less than 12 different cover exploits.


We filled a number of positions over the month of May and continue to search for new candidates to grow our team. Please check out our current job openings by visiting our LinkedIn page.