Monthly Review (June-2023)


  • Neptune Mutual Marketplace launch on BNB chain
  • End of Marketplace transition period
  • Announcement of Neptune Mutual NFT portal launch
  • NFT animations published on YouTube
  • First Twitter Space Event
  • Monthly Discord Town hall

Protocol Update

We launched our cover marketplace on the BNB chain on June 23 to expand our reach and broaden access to cover protection for more users. We are working closely with the BNB chain team to communicate our launch to the Binance smart chain community. Users purchasing cover for the first time can benefit from the promotion code CT020623, which provides cashback on the protocol fee.

Following the launch of the NPM token, we provided existing users of our marketplace with a transition period to allow them time to acquire tokens from the Sushi or Uniswap DEXs. The transition period ended on June 14. This means that cover policyholders are now required to hold NPM tokens in their wallets for the full duration of their cover policies in order for their covers to remain valid. Similarly, Liquidity Providers (LPs) also need to stake NPM tokens to provide liquidity after that period. We published a blog on NPM tokens and the most recent questions and answers relating to their use-cases.


This month, we hosted a Twitter Space for the first time, where we shared some major updates like our marketplace launch on the BNB chain and more details of the imminent launch of our much-anticipated NFT portal. We also discussed topics related to LP rewards and vote escrow NPM tokens, whereby veNPM holders can influence NPM token emission in their own favor.

Edward was interviewed by Firoz on the BinanceLive YouTube channel. You can watch this interview when it is published here.

We recently hosted an informative AMA Town Hall session on Discord, connecting with our community and sharing exciting updates. During the event, we highlighted our successful marketplace launch on the BNB chain and provided insights into our forthcoming NFT portal. Then, we discussed vote escrow NPM tokens, explaining how veNPM holders can influence NPM token emission to their benefit. Toward the end, we took some time to answer questions from the audience.

Our co-founder, Edward, was interviewed on BNBLive about the launch of the Neptune Mutual cover marketplace on BNB smart chain: you can watch the interview here.

Recent News

We’re excited to announce that we’re soon launching our NFT collection. The NFTs are designed to reward our community users who engage and interact with our marketplace by purchasing covers or contributing to the liquidity pools.

In addition, we have published several videos on our YouTube channel. These videos cover several topics, including informative videos on veNPM and Liquidity Gauge, an introduction to Neptune Mutual NFTs, Neptune, and The Guardians.

Neptune Mutual was featured in an interview-style article in Cointelegraph entitled,

DeFi and the importance of Insurance protocols - Interview with Neptune Mutual”.

Blog Digest

In June, we published a wide number of blog posts, spotlight articles, and exploit analysis. Notably, we published the spotlight articles on LayerZero and Celer Network, which are the bridging solutions that we have opted for at Neptune Mutual.

We have our first NFT introduction article out. This post is helpful for our community to understand the types of NFTs, the lore behind the characters, the rarity of the collectibles, and how users can qualify for the NFT rewards. Moreover, we published the lore on Neptune and Guardians to engage our community with the background of our NFT characters.

Below is a full list of the articles we published this month:


A Guide to Ethereum Gas Fees and Ways to Reduce Them

Neptune Mutual

Solutions to Major DeFi Liquidity Pool Issues

An Introduction to Neptune Mutual NFTs

Neptune: Powerful God Protecting the DeFi Sea

Guardians: An Alliance to Safeguard the DeFi Sea

Spotlight Tuesday Articles


Celer Network

NPM Tokens


Understanding Signature Replay Attack

Our security team has been working to analyze and publish details of recent exploits. You can get detailed insights on attacks on projects like Wormhole, Sturdy Finance, Atlantis Loans, Ronin Network, Hashflow, and more. Altogether, we have published 11 exploit analyses on our blog this month.


We are currently recruiting for a Cyber Security Research Analyst; please apply if you believe you might be a good fit for this position.