Monthly Review (January - 2024)


  • LPs receiving 12% ROI on BNB
  • December monthly town hall in Discord
  • Successful growth initiatives
  • Neptune Mutual’s 2023 Annual Report

Neptune Mutual Events

We shared the 2023 yearly report, which highlights our accomplishments for the year, which include becoming the number one DeFi insurance protocol on the Arbitrum chain, launching the marketplace on multiple networks, launching the NPM token, increasing depth of NPM/USDC pools to in excess of $1.4M, growing our Neptunite community, providing extensive security analysis to our community and many, many other milestones hit.

Additionally, we hosted the town hall for December on our Discord channel, led by our co-founder, Edward. He discussed the substantial increase in NPM trading volume, heightened community engagement, the success of the Arbitrum promotion, and the NPM token airdrop to testnet winners.

Recent Neptunite News

Our growth initiatives are seeing results as a growing number of users purchase cover policies in Neptune Mutual’s cover marketplace, available on the Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum networks. Over 400 new users have now purchased cover policies since the beginning of 2024. Most of them have also now minted their first soulbound NFT and are actively accumulating points towards achieving the Level 1 free-to-mint tradeable NFT. For further details, check out the minting levels in our NFT portal.

The Popular DeFi Apps cover pool on Neptune Mutual’s BSC marketplace is now returning over 12% ROI to cover pool LPs. If you are an LP looking to earn high returns on a stablecoin investment, you can check out the opportunity to provide liquidity on the Popular DeFi Apps cover pool on BSC.

Neptune Mutual cover pool LPs on the Ethereum Mainnet have the opportunity to withdraw liquidity from the cover pools until the end of the withdrawal period on January 25, 2024. This unique feature provides an exit opportunity for LPs from cover pools every 180 days. This is an important feature of Neptune Mutual’s marketplace and is an important consideration for any user looking to provide liquidity to a DeFi insurance protocol. For further information, read the blog article relating to the “forever lock-in” roadblock of many other DeFi insurance protocols that Neptune Mutual’s withdrawal cycle is designed to overcome.

Neptune Mutual Blog Digest

Here’s a list of the blog articles published this month.

Mitigating DeFi Risks with Parametric Insurance

Web2 Flaws: Major Reason for Web3 Hacks in 2022

DeFi Insurance for Protecting Real-World Assets

Demystifying Blockchain Hacks in 2023

Unraveling the Intricacies of EtherHiding

Exploring the Impact of MEV on Blockchain

Privacy Challenges in Web3 and Their Solutions

In addition, our security team has been consistent in analyzing exploits and publishing reports regularly. This month, we have published seven different exploit reports on different protocols.

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