Monthly Review (February - 2024)


  • Cover pool updates in Arbitrum cover marketplace for Prime dApps and Popular DeFi Apps
  • Liquidity withdrawal cycle period, Arbitrum
  • Bond pool feature launch plan
  • Significant activity increase in BSC marketplace and NFT portal
  • Neptune Mutual selected in the Sushi Bonds Pool Program
  • NPM tokens awarded to Avalanche testnet winners on the Arbitrum network
  • January monthly town hall in Discord

Neptune Mutual Protocol Update

The cover products in PRIME DAPPS and POPULAR DEFI APPS cover pools in the Neptune Mutual marketplace have been updated by the respective cover creators. Updates include adding the latest versions of protocols to cover policy parameters as well as adding new networks to policy parameters where the protocols have launched on new chains.

We are planning to launch our bond pool feature soon with a strategic partner. Neptunites who used our testnet might remember this feature. We have a blog explaining bond pools, their features, and benefits, that you might want to check out.

Neptune Mutual Events

We hosted our monthly town hall for January on our Discord channel, where co-founder Edward shared updates about Neptune Mutual. He discussed growth in policy purchases, pool utilization on the BNB Smart Chain, and returns to LPs from the marketplace. He also mentioned our upcoming initiatives to reach and inform more users about DeFi insurance and grow the Neptune Mutual ecosystem.

The event’s recording is available on our YouTube channel; be sure to watch it if you have missed it.

Recent Neptunite News

We announced the opening of the liquidity withdrawal cycle for Popular dApps diversified cover, OKX Exchange Custody, and Binance Exchange Custody on Arbitrum. LPs had the option to withdraw their assets before February 5th, 2024.

We also announced that cover product liquidity providers (LPs) can get over 10% returns in USDC in the Neptunite Marketplace on BNB Chain.

Additionally, Neptune Mutual NFT Portal saw a significant increase in activity, with over 200 NFT mints. #NeptuniteNFTs has been trending on X for some weeks now.

Neptune Mutual has been selected as one of the projects to take part in the Sushi Bonds pool program. This program offers a sustainable way to manage liquidity by converting bonds into Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL). This method serves as an economical substitute to traditional liquidity mining.

We have transferred the NPM token rewards on the Arbitrum network to the winners of the Avalanche testnet competition.

Neptune Mutual Blog Digest

Here’s a detailed look at the articles published this month:

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In addition, our security team has been consistent in analyzing exploits and publishing exploit reports on our website’s blog regularly.