Monthly Review (April - 2024)


  • Vote escrow mainnet launch on the Arbitrum network
  • First Snapshot voting for NPM emission and distribution
  • 20,000+ transactions in the marketplace
  • March monthly town hall in Discord

Neptune Mutual Protocol Update

Following the launch of vote escrow and the liquidity gauge pool on the Polygon Mumbai testnet, the features are now live on the mainnet of the Arbitrum network. The launch on the mainnet was announced on our official Twitter account on April 12.

LPs on the Arbitrum network can now lock their NPM tokens to receive veNPM for boosted voting power that can influence NPM token emissions in their favor.

Speaking of NPM emissions, snapshot voting was open for gauge controller Epoch #1. It was to emit and distribute a total of 375,000 NPM tokens to Prime dApps and Popular dApps on Arbitrum.

The voting was open for 10 days, from April 17th to April 27th. During the period, NPM and veNPM holders could vote on the Snapshot platform to influence how the 375,000 of NPM tokens would be distributed across the pools. As the voting has ended, the gauge controller will allocate the NPM emissions to the respective pools. LPs who lock their POD tokens will be eligible to receive NPM emissions.

We have published two helpful tutorial videos relating to vote escrow and liquidity gauge pools on the following topics:

  1. Navigating the veNPM and Liquidity Gauge Features

  2. Navigating Snapshot Voting for veNPM and Liquidity Gauge

Be sure to check them out if you want to benefit as an LP in the Neptune Mutual ecosystem from the upcoming NPM emissions.

Neptune Mutual Events

As usual, we hosted our monthly town hall for March on Discord, where co-founder Edward shared about the launch of vote escrow on the Polygon Mumbai testnet, the increase of cover purchases and utilization, and more. He also answered some questions from the Neptunite community.

The recording has been uploaded to our YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out.

Recent Neptunite News

Neptune Mutual marketplace surpassed 20,000 transactions this month. We appreciate the efforts of our team and the whole Neptunite community, to make this happen. We look forward to reaching the next milestone.

You can view all the transactions in detail on the Neptune Mutual Explorer.

Neptune Mutual Blog Digest

This month, we published a handful of blog posts about the Neptune Mutual space and some on the overall ecosystem developments.

Here’s a detailed look at the articles published this month:

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In addition, our security team has been consistent in analyzing exploits and publishing reports regularly. This month, we have published nine different exploit reports on different protocols.