Enjoy 110% Cashback This New Year!

Step into 2024 with Neptune Mutual’s exciting New Year rewards campaign! Explore the power of Neptune Mutual’s decentralized parametric insurance and start the year with awesome rewards. Our campaign is here to show you how to protect your digital assets completely free of cost and with additional rewards. Let’s make your new year safe and rewarding! :rocket::tada:

How Does It Work?

Purchase a cover policy with coverage of 500 USDC to 5,000 USDC and enjoy a 110% cashback on the policy fee! Secure your assets with DeFi insurance from Neptune Mutual’s marketplace and receive a maximum cashback of 110 USDC. This is your chance to safeguard your digital assets and also earn some cashback.

Example: Let’s say you purchase a Maker DAO cover policy with 4,000 USDC of coverage for 3 months; this might cost you 38 USDC (the policy fee you actually pay will depend on the utilization of the pool at the time of purchase - at the time of writing the premium rate is 4.91%). So in this example you spend 38 USDC and you will get a USDC cashback of 110%, meaning you will receive 41.8 USDC cash back.

Note that the 110% cashback is based on the policy fee and does not include gas fees.


Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read all terms and conditions.

  • Fill up this form to participate in the 110% cashback offer: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xBUThaGF1Kg8jGu6ZJT-l2yByAxahV3wpWAAe3BMMgo/edit
  • Cover Amount: Min: 500 USDC. Max: 5000 USDC.
  • Purchase Covers On: Ethereum, Arbitrum, or BSC.
  • Max Cashback Amount: 110 USDC per user
  • Coupon Code: Ensure that you use the coupon code NEPTUNE110 during the cover purchase.
  • Eligibility: Hold a minimum of 50 NPM tokens on any blockchain to qualify for the cashback. Where to purchase NPM.
  • Participation Steps:
  • After you have completed your cover purchase. Like, quote, and retweet this post, and announce you are participating in the Neptunite New Year Campaign.
  • The USDC cashback will be transferred to your wallet on the Polygon network within 30 days after the campaign concludes.
  • Make sure the wallet address on the blockchain matches the one in Google forms, or you won’t get the cashback.
  • Campaign Duration: Starts on New Year’s Eve UTC. Ends on Jan 24th UTC.

Selection and Reward Process

Please note that our decision is final and we reserve the right to individually select or disqualify winners at our sole discretion. If found, we will manually check and disqualify fake and spam accounts.


  • Encourage your friends to join the competition by extending invitations.
  • Actively participate in X and social media discussions, sharing insightful and positive contributions.
  • Remember to announce your participation on X by liking and quote RT this post.
  • Read and follow the competition rules carefully to avoid disqualification.
  • Encourage fair play and sportsmanship among participants.
  • Report any suspicious activity or rule violations promptly to our moderators on Telegram or Discord.
  • View your transaction on the Neptune Mutual Explorer.


  • Create numerous fake social media accounts or wallets to manipulate the system; such actions will result in disqualification at the end of the competition.
  • Engage in spam; such behavior will lead to disqualification.
  • Avoid involving yourself in disputes or contentious debates with our team or other users. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior or offensive language. Maintain positive and constructive interactions at all times.

Remember, it’s about fun, learning, and friendly competition. Good luck to all participants!