Weekly Report (Sep-04)


  • Polygon and LimeWire joined forces with AI Creator Studio NFTs.
  • Lufthansa takes flight with the NFT loyalty reward program on Polygon.
  • Walmart and People of Crypto Lab collaborated for the Metaverse experience on Spatial.

Blockchain Hacks

Baby Shia Token was identified as a rug-pull with around 133 ETH, totaling approximately $226,000 worth of funds misappropriated. The deployer of its underlying tokens swapped them for profits, thereby draining the liquidity pool. The social media profile of the team on Twitter was subsequently deleted. It is known that Fixed Float and Change Now funded the associated wallet of the scammer.

Corede Finance was identified as a rug-pull, in which the scammer took away funds worth 27 ETH, totaling approximately $43,900.

Metaverse, and NFTs

LimeWire is poised to revolutionize the creative landscape through its groundbreaking AI Creator Studio, built on the Polygon blockchain. This partnership also encompasses strategic marketing efforts, such as social promotions and appeals to content creators, empowering individuals to embrace their creative talents and usher in a new era of digital innovation. This exciting venture spans a wide spectrum of digital content, encompassing everything from images to music tracks, promising a significant leap in the realm of digital creativity. The LimeWire AI Studio, driven by artificial intelligence, streamlines the creative process and is set to debut in Q3 of 2023 with AI-generated images. Importantly, all earnings generated by creators will be fairly distributed among both original artists and AI content creators, with payments made in LMWR tokens. Moreover, curators can capitalize on their contributions through the secondary NFT market, receiving royalties in USDC and the opportunity to release exclusive content each month.

Lufthansa has unveiled an exciting NFT-based loyalty program running on the Polygon network. The innovative Uptrip program offers travelers the chance to earn extra rewards by gathering sets of NFT trading cards. As a result, all major airlines affiliated with Lufthansa will begin distributing NFT cards to their passengers. These flyers can then accumulate sets of these NFTs, which can be exchanged for exclusive benefits ranging from complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi to access to airport lounges and bonus air miles. To partake in this initiative, frequent flyers can easily download the Uptrip app, available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Once downloaded, travelers can conveniently scan or upload their boarding passes, allowing them to choose two NFTs to add to their collection. As NFT holders amass enough of these digital assets to complete one of the ten collections, they can then redeem them for the associated reward.

Walmart has partnered with People of Crypto Lab (POClab) to introduce Cultureverse, an immersive virtual project that pays homage to 50 years of hip-hop culture and celebrates the profound influence of black culture, not only in music but also in art and fashion. This groundbreaking venture is set to launch in September and will debut on the interactive virtual platform Spatial. The primary objective of this Metaverse initiative is for these influential entities to further their ongoing commitment to historically marginalized communities by fostering meaningful virtual connections while honoring cultural heritage. Simultaneously, Walmart will leverage its Black & Unlimited platform to amplify the potential of black creators, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Doodles and Crocs have joined forces to create a limited-edition footwear collection infused with pastel colors. OG Doodles holders were given the exclusive opportunity to purchase these eye-catching shoes at a discounted rate on August 28, a day ahead of the public sale launch on August 29. The general public could acquire these stylish footwear items for $120 per pair. Each item in this exciting new collection features a unique and slightly unconventional pair of genuine Crocs made of plastic, adorned with a set of 8 Doodles Jibbitz charms to make them truly distinctive. Additionally, later in the year, buyers will have the opportunity to claim a mysterious Doodles Croc Box NFT. Upon claiming, owners will be able to exchange the NFTs for two bonus Doodles wearables and gain access to the coveted Stoodio Beta Pass!

OnChain Insurance Industry News

Bumper Finance announced that they postponed their planned mainnet launch by a week to September 7.