Weekly Report (Apr-24, 2023)


  • Ledger and Deadfellaz have collaborated on a limited-edition Nano X.
  • Starbucks has announced the launch of its second set of digital collectibles.
  • Gucci and Vans have joined forces to introduce a scavenger hunt on Roblox.

Blockchain Hacks

Arbtomb, an Arbitrum ecological project, is suspected of being a rug pull. According to a Twitter user, the code’s business logic appeared to be built up in such a way that the team was capable of taking out all stakes. The scammer moved 54 ETH, worth approximately $110,000, to Ethereum, then sent 52 ETH to Tornado Cash while moving 2.4 ETH to Binance.

The multi-chain lending protocol FilDA issued an exploit report indicating that they had been attacked on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and REI Network, resulting in a loss of approximately 700K. The team claimed that no other FilDA deployments were affected. The ESC and Rei FilDA platforms have been halted and will be reinstated after a thorough review of the ongoing situation, even though the vulnerability has been identified and isolated. They have reportedly identified that the addresses involved in the exploit received funds from a wallet that has interacted with CEX accounts. They are working with security firms to trace the hacker. They also encourage affected users to notify their local law enforcement agencies about the theft.

Kucoin announced that their Twitter account was compromised for about 45 minutes, during which 22 transactions associated with fake activity were identified. The scammer was able to steal assets worth 8.7 ETH and 0.235 BTC, totaling approximately $22,628. The team stated that they will fully reimburse all verified asset losses caused by the social media breach and the fake activity.

Metaverse, and NFTs

Ledger and Deadfellaz have unveiled a new phase in their continued collaboration. As a part of this initiative, a limited edition Deadfellaz Nano X with collection iconography and gorgeous transparent green hardware was created. In addition, market pass holders received an INFECTED S2 airdrop, designed by Killer Acid. A raffle was also held, featuring one Deadfellaz and 13 Deadfrenz as prizes. Almost 2,000 people minted the custom Ledger Nano X redemption token, allowing them to claim their own Deadfellaz Ledger Nano X. Users who missed out on the first token minting will still be able to purchase this on the secondary market to redeem their DFZ Ledger when the redemption shop opens on April 24. In addition, a Ledger x Deadfellaz Quest will be available soon, in which participants can earn a PoK NFT, enhance their Web3 understanding, and obtain access to a Deadfellaz Metaverse item.

The Sandbox has collaborated with Playground Studios to launch a virtual world dubbed Meloverse. The initiative is centered on LaMelo Ball, a prominent 21-year-old NBA player, and intends to provide an engaging and interactive experience for LaMelo Ball’s followers. The inaugural event of Meloverse, open from April 17 until May 1, will showcase Melo’s Social Hub, which will have 19 exclusive quests associated with Melo’s favorite pastimes. The event is open to anyone with a KYC-verified Sandbox account. After completing each assignment, each user will be awarded a Meloverse collectible, which is similar to a badge but not an NFT. The badge can be displayed on owners’ profiles and redeemed for future advantages. Participants who complete all 19 tasks will be eligible for a share of the 100,000 SAND prize pools.

Starbucks has announced the launch of its second set of digital collectibles as a part of its Odyssey Rewards campaign. The new initiative, labelled First Store Collection, featured 5000 NFT stamps minted on Polygon blockchain, with each piece costing a price of flat $100. Users who owned more than two NFTs from the initial collection were granted early access to this mint. This collection included multimedia collage of pictures, in-store textures, and prominent icons inspired by the coffee chain’s first store in Seattle. Users who obtain this item will earn 1,500 points for incentives that will be credited to their Starbucks Odyssey application.

Gucci and Vans have joined forces to introduce a one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt on Roblox. Users of the platform can explore the newly integrated digital worlds and enter to win special avatar items from April 17 until May 13. Users can essentially go around different places to create, connect, and gather collectibles, as well as engage in games to win GG gems. They can also explore and create unique art pieces, as well as learn about the house’s legacy and artisanship. Players can collect all of the items in each world to gain access to exclusive gifts for their avatar. Additionally, they can also browse a limited-edition virtual boutique of Gucci products, strike a pose, and showcase their personal Gucci style to the world.

OnChain Insurance Industry News

Neptune Mutual has announced that the much anticipated NPM utility token will be made available to the public in May 2023.

Additionally, they shared the details of their new community portal, where community members can have meaningful discussions about the project, industry, and anything relevant to the Neptune Mutual Ecosystem, including their token launch.

InsurAce Protocol announced the launch of its new cover product, dubbed Bridge Cover, starting with LiFi Protocol and Jumper Exchange, in which users are protected from risks associated with cross-chain transactions.