Tech Team Update (Week 35) / Neptune Mutual

Hello, Neptunites!

Here’s a summary of the tech updates we’ve implemented:




  • [AtlasSwap]: Plugin url update
  • [AtlasSwap]: Liquidity Gauge Pool Transactions
  • [AtlasSwap]: Fixed balace issue in set gauge and added error message parse method
  • [AtlasSwap]: Set Gauge fix
  • [AtlasSwap]: Node updated to v18
  • [AtlasSwap]: Feat:Set Gauge
  • [AtlasSwap]: Updated plugin url
  • [AtlasSwap]: Updated endpoints
  • [AtlasSwap]: Switched network to Mumbai testnet
  • [Plugin UI]: Reference Icon from ‘icons’ package and removed subgraph in favor of API
  • [Backend/AtlasSwap]: Updated Atlas Swap API to use Mumbai testnet
  • [Backend/AtlasSwap]: Added policy routes and removed duplicated schema
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