Tech Team Update (Week 34) / Neptune Mutual

Hello, Neptunites!

We are preparing the plugin which can be used to offer policy in defi apps via integration. The integration is almost complete.

Here’s a summary of the tech updates we’ve implemented:




  • [Frontend/Plugin UI]: Query Parameters for Config
  • [Frontend]: Used SVGs from package folder
  • [Frontend]: Added Plugin UI
  • [Atlasswap]: Updated plugin url to add chain id and cover key in param
  • [Atlasswap]: Liquidity gauge pool transaction list on table view
  • [Atlasswap]: Updated the integration and other minor UI fixes
  • [Atlasswap]: Full Page Dialog Added
  • [Atlasswap]: Added theme from URL and other UI Fixes
  • [Explorer]: Added support for formatting time interval and percentage
  • [CMS]: Added image captions for rich text editor
  • [Admin/UI]: Updated design-systems
  • [Admin/UI]: Quick Fixes
  • [Admin/UI]: UI Updates


Cover Fee Calculator: