Tech Team Update (Week 18) / Neptune Mutual

Hello, Neptunites!

Last week we continued the test coverage and covered a significant portion of the code.

We would also like to introduce the Neptune Mutual periphery smart contracts which are the auxiliary components that function in conjunction with the core protocol. It is important to note that this list of peripheral smart contracts is not exhaustive, and future iterations may encompass more contracts and features. You can find more details in our periphery github repository.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the updates we’ve implemented:



  • Introduction of Vote Escrow feature
  • Introduction of Liquidity Gauge feature

Vote Escrow and Liquidity Gauge are new features that are currently under development. Links to their development progress will be shared in the coming weeks. To learn more about these features, please check the periphery repository.



  • [Backend/App]: Updated IPFS report and dispute schema

Looks like we are getting new feature on the app. Can’t wait to see.