[Discussion] UI Improvements to display available chains on cover product cards

Hello, Neptunites and team!

The Arbitrum chain has been gaining traction over the past few months. TVL continues to expand, and we’ve reached a number of significant milestones in a relatively brief time.

While purchasing the cover, I discovered this issue on the Arbitrum app. If you examine the liquidity of Binance (example), you will find that there is no liquidity on Arbitrum but available in Ethereum.

The majority of cover products are available in both chains, so when they are sold out on one chain, there is still liquidity in the other chain; however, the only method to determine if a cover is available in the other chain is to open the app on a different network.

To address the problem I suggest updating the UI on the cover cards. If we can display “Available chains,” then purchasers will have a clearer understanding of the list of chains the cover is available on, and in the event of insufficient liquidity, they can move to another chain.


I think this is a great suggestion. Currently, we are not displaying the available chains. Adding this information will be easier to switch networks if the utilization is full or has less liquidity. Much more beneficial when we launch on more networks.

One way we can do this is simply adding the chains logo on the cards.


Can we come up with a few rough design concepts for this?

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Something like this. When hovered over a number, it will display the remaining available chains.

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