Announcement: Layerzero Bridge Feature Now Available for NPM Tokenholders!

We are excited to announce that, starting immediately, the Layerzero bridge feature is available to all NPM token holders. This innovative feature allows you to seamlessly transfer your tokens between the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks, providing greater accessibility for our NPM token community.

Exciting Releases on the Horizon

We’re dedicated to continuously enhancing our platform to ensure you have the tools and features you need for an exceptional user experience. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our forthcoming releases:

  • Celer Bridge: Next week, we’re launching Celer bridge and updating the user interface. Stay tuned for more information on how these updates will improve cross-chain transfers.
  • veNPM Token: We are in the final stages of developing this new feature and can’t wait to share more about it soon.
  • Liquidity Gauge Pool: Designed to distribute NPM emissions to veNPM and LP holders.
  • Gauge Controller Registry: Created to streamline the management of liquidity pools and rewards.
  • Governance Portal: Prepare for a more engaging community experience. Your voice is important to us, and this portal will allow you to vote on proposals and allocate NPM token emissions to your preferred liquidity pools.
  • And Much More: To bring more value to our community, we are working on multiple new projects and improvements to the Neptune Mutual protocol. We will share updates as soon as we can.

Marketing Highlights

We believe in transparency, and we extend this principle to our marketing efforts. Here’s a glimpse of our upcoming initiatives:

  • Guest Blog Posts: We’re launching a program where community members can earn USDC rewards for writing original content about Neptune Mutual features, cybersecurity, DeFi security, and smart contract security.
  • YouTube Marketing Plan: Brace yourself for a series of engaging videos - tutorials, AMAs, walkthroughs, and more. We’re launching a YouTube marketing campaign where community members can earn USDC rewards by spreading NPM awareness.
  • AMAs and Townhall Meetings: We’ll be sharing our progress and developments regularly in our townhall calls. Additionally, we’re conducting AMAs with several DeFi protocols on their channels, followed by growing our own channel.
  • And Much More: Stay tuned for exciting campaigns, collaborations, and initiatives in the weeks to come. In the not so distant future, we will also announce grants programs for builders and integrators who extend the features and use cases of our marketplace.

We will share this announcement on our Discord and Telegram channels for broader reach. Stay connected with us, as we have many exciting updates and surprises on the way! Remember, your participation and feedback are vital to us. Together, let’s create a vibrant, engaged, and empowered NPM token community.